One year experience with Arthur

Connecting the North – EVS in the field.

Here it is! One year-experience with FNUF! One year full of discoveries! One year to learn project management also to share and believe in an associative perspective. But mostly one year to hardly learn Swedish! I have heard from a Dane (!) that:

“Swedish language is the Italian accent of the Scandinavian language”.

So I was curious and I studied for 2 months but not enough to speak fluently. Men nästa gång kanske!

Traveling for business. Here on a SJ-train from Gothenburg to Stockholm.

I have travelled more in one year than I have done in all my life! I organised a trip at the Jokkmokk market with FNUF and I have travelled across Sweden from Göteborg to Luleå to visit local organisations. I have been to Malmö, Copenhagen, but also Tallinn, Riga etc… All this travels made me think bigger, and I think it had an effect on the professional skills I learnt.

Jokkmokk market 2016

I discovered a deep interest for Sámi people. I learnt about their issues thanks to the support of FNUF. I think FNUF has the ability and the interest to create spaces of education and reflection about Sámi’s issues. I wanted to develop an educational project with and for FNUF members by inviting experts of these topics to highlight this issues within the Nordic countries. The project had not been completely executed but some cooperation has been built through this project.

Stockholm at sunrise.

Right now it is time for me to enjoy my last days in Sweden. I will go back in September, with my mind full of memories! Vi ses snart FNUF 😀

The FNUF-family is so #wearenorden

Arthur Beuve

EVS and project manager 2015-2016.


Jokkmokk market

From the 4th till the 7th of February, five FNUF:are visited the most important Sámi market in the world : Jokkmokksmarknad!

It was the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the Sámi culture. We attended to reindeer races, Jojk concerts, fire show and also ride on dog-sledding. We visited the Ájtte museum and had a guided tour of the Sjïlje handicraft school with two interesting students. We even had the chance to see very briefly an Aurora borealis! It was surely the best experience in Lapland in Winter we could live! We also learned a lot of facts about Sámi. We’ve met several people very interesting with such passionating stories!

This international FNUF-team showed such enthusiasm with a big curiosity for the Sámi culture! For some of us we did not know each other, and this trip was an incredible moment to meet up, take time to discuss and have fun! Let’s read an example of the feedback of Svitlana, from Ukraine, who became member few weeks before the trip happened :

(…) But except discovering the beauty of a northern city and the market, during the whole trip I truly enjoyed the company of great interesting people. We had a fun time together, even more I got really inspired after the trip. Now every day my alarm wakes me up with our favourite Jojk song we listened a lot during the trip. It brings me lots of positive memories and energy after our trip!

This trip was a really great experience for everyone, with a real FNUF-spirit! Now, we will prepare a bigger project about Sámi culture and enhance this first discovery into intercultural exchanges! We have the purpose to spread our curiosity for the Sámi people, and express it through creativity and interactive meetings! (More info to come!)

You can find the photos of our trip on the Flickr account of FNUF.

What a better kick-off for a project than having fun! And what a satisfaction I felt as EVS volunteer, when I have seen everyone enjoying the trip and taking part in the project! Now, let’s make it bigger! Keep moving with FNUF!!