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My name is Arthur, I am from France and I am working as EVS volunteer at FNUF since September 2015.

I will stay in Stockholm until the end of August 2016. Hopefully before the end, I will be able to speak in Swedish!

This first months were an amazing change for me! This is the first time in a Nordic country for me and I am discovering step by step the Nordic cultures. I plan to visit the Nordic region as much as I can (yes, even in winter!).

I am really passioned by music and cinema, and I would like to make projects around music and videos, with FNUF or on my leisure time! If you have any idea don’t hesitate to contact me, I will glad to hear from you (arthur@fnuf.se)!

This FNUF adventure starts really good and it is just the beginning! I am sure we can make really cool projects!

See you soon!